AQA Media Studies


Media Studies provides a great opportunity to explore and evaluate why we engage with a wide range of media texts. Representation and media form are other important aspects of the course. AQA’s course also requires you to develop the practical skills needed to create your own exciting products.

On this page, you can access our guides to the Close Study Products and download the A Level specification. There is also a link to the past papers and their mark schemes. If you want to know more about the coursework, you might want to read our suggested NEA minimum requirements and our guide to the Statement of Intent.

Close Study Products

To demonstrate your understanding of the key concepts in media studies, you need to analyse various media texts from a broad range of media forms, such as television, newspapers, magazines, digital media and computer games. The following guides apply the relevant theoretical frameworks to AQA's list of A-Level Close Study Products.

Media One - Advertising and Marketing

Media One - Music Videos

Media One - Newspapers

Media One - Media Industries and Audience

Media Two - Video Games

Unseen Questions

You are also expected to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the key concepts by applying the approaches and theories to unseen texts. If you would like to test your skills, then try analysing media products from our exam practice page.

Past Papers and Mark Schemes

You can access various materials from the dedicated AQA assessment resources page.

Non-exam Assessment

You need to create a cross-media production which demonstrates your knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework. You also need to produce a Statement of Intent - a 500 word commentary on your chosen brief and how you intend to fulfill its demands.

Assessment Objectives

AO1: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework of media and contexts of media and their influence on media products and processes.

AO2: Apply knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework of media to:

(a) analyse media products, including in relation to their contexts and through the use of academic theories;
(b) evaluate academic theories; and
(c) make judgements and draw conclusions.

AO3: Create media products for an intended audience, by applying knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework of media to communicate meaning.