The Audience and the Media

Although new digital technologies are constantly changing the way we interact and consume media texts, companies remain eager to target and attract audiences to their products. This section will take you through some of the key approaches to understanding our relationship with the media. It is also fascinating to explore how the interpretation of media texts reflect our social, cultural and historical contexts.

Audience Segmentation

By grouping people together according to their background, behaviour and beliefs, companies can develop better marketing strategies to connect with their target audience. The following guides explore how audiences are defined and quantified.

Audience Theories

Does the media really have the power to influence our view of the world? Find out more about the relationship between the audience and the media with our guides to some of the most important theories.

Motivation Theories

Why do audiences consume media texts? The following theories take an audience-centered approach to understanding mass communication.

Advertising and Marketing

Recent Developments

Explore why the boundaries between the audience and producers are increasingly blurred.

Exam Practice


If you want to develop your understanding of the media's impact on the audience, you should apply the different theories and approaches to a wide range of media texts. The following examples will get you started.