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Media Studies Coursework


No matter which media studies specification you are following, a significant part of the course requires you to create your own cross-media product in response to a brief set by the examination board. You might be asked to produce film posters and a three-minute trailer for a new romantic comedy, or the promotional material for an exciting product that will target a particular demographic through a series of posts on social media and three magazine inserts. Perhaps you will need to create a podcast and television ads to raise awareness of a health campaign, or the website and brochures for a well-established company.

The briefs change each year so it is important to check with you teacher and discuss what is expected.

By devising and developing your own products for an intended audience, you are demonstrating your understanding of the subject’s theoretical framework and the contemporary media landscape. A lot of work is required to make sure your media texts are fit for purpose and will successfully engage the audience.

The non-exam assessment (NEA) is challenging but it can also be incredible fun.

In this section, you will learn more about how to approach the coursework and meet its technical requirements. There is also information about the statement of intent and examples of critical investigations.

Taking Photographs

Representation is one of the key concepts in media studies. It refers to how media texts construct meaning through the deliberate choice of images, including camera angles and editing, layout, the use language, and the depiction of people and places. Producers have to make important decisions about how to represent social issues, events, and identities.

For your media studies coursework, no matter which brief you want to follow, you will have to think critically about how you encode your message to the audience. You cannot simply point and shoot your camera and hope to achieve the top grade.

Too many students think they can get away with gathering a few friends together and take some pictures. No. There has to be plenty of thought and mediation going into every shot, so they support the message you want to convey.

This section will take you through some important concepts in photography.

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