Narrative Theory Unseen Exam Practice

Vladimir Propp

Propp’s seven character types are incredibly useful for analysing media texts. By creating a simple binary between the hero and villain, for example, producers are able to influence our interpretation of a story or event. You will not need to go into great detail about these stereotypical characters in media studies, but the following practice questions will help you develop your understanding of Propp’s approach to narrative.

His spheres of action are also probably more relevant than the individual functions of in a narrative, but it is worth revising terms such as initial situation, lack and transfiguration.

Tzvetan Todorov

Todorov’s narrative outline remains a popular approach to analysing a media text. For example, advertisers will often sell you some sort of repair that will help you find a new equilibrium in your life and newspapers love to report disruptions to society’s equilibrium and call for order to be restored. The following practice questions are a great opportunity for you to revise this key theory of media studies.