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MS Teams and Google Classroom


Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom have become the two most popular online collaboration tools used by teachers and students because they offer a shared workspace where we can access files and resources, deliver meaningful feedback on assignments, and engage with pupils who are unable to attend class. We hope that our guides and exercises can help support your teaching and learning. We also appreciate that it is very useful to view our pages without leaving Teams or having proper links embedded into your Classroom Assignments and Posts.

This step by step guide will explain how you can integrate our website into your own channels or streams with just a few simple clicks.

It is important to note that uses encryption technology so our site is secure –  all of our web pages will integrate safely into these platforms and will not be blocked by your school servers.

Google Classroom

Step One: Most teachers click the “Create” button in the Classwork Tab. Of course, you can include a link in the Stream section, but these can get lost in the conversation. That is why we would recommend you share our guides under the Classwork tab.

select the create button

Step Two: You can then choose if you want to share the web page as an assignment or resource. Some teachers prefer to use the Assignment option if they are going to mark the comprehension exercises from our guides. If it is a pre-reading homework or simple research, then the Material option will work best.

choose either Assignment of Question

Step Three: You can then add a title and some instructions for your students. Select the “Link” option from the dropdown menu.

upload files option

Step Four: You will be taken to an input box where you will have to add the URL. However, if you want to make sure you get the correct address, copy the link from the address bar in your browser first. Simply hover over the web page address and press Ctrl+C or right click on your mouse and select copy.

copy the address from the browser

Step Five: You can then paste the address into the text box using Ctrl+V or right click the mouse button again to select the paste option.

add the address to the text field

Finally, click the “Add link” button and you should see a screenshot of the relevant page and a snippet about the result. You are ready to post or assign our guide in your own Google Classroom project.

screenshot of the link

Microsoft Teams

Step One: Some teachers like to include a link to our website in the chat section of Teams, especially for last minute exam revision, but you can actually embed the website. If you look along the list of tabs at the top of your channel, you will find [+] icon. Click on this button to open the “Add a Tab” dialog box.

screenshot of MS Teams

Step Two: This box lists all of the templates available. You can scroll down to find the Website app but you can search for it by typing the word into the text box.

Step Three: Simply select the Website app by clicking on the image.

select the right tab

Step Four: Another dialog box will appear on your screen. You need to enter a name for this new tab. In this example, we are labeling the tab “Subplotter”.

Step Five: You also need to add the specific web page address to the URL input box. The easiest way to get the correct address is to copy and paste the location from the address bar at the top of your browser.

The text fields to add information

Once you click the Save button, the relevant web page should appear under a new tab and your pupils will be able to access the site.

image of the new tab


Adding any web page to the main collaboration tools is relatively easy.

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